Ƭнɛ αиα'ƨ σғғιcιαℓ βℓσɢ. Ƭнɛ αиα'ƨ σғғιcιαℓ βℓσɢ.: The Story of A grown up Lady.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Story of A grown up Lady.

My Full name is Raihana binti Ramlan, I was born on 14th April 1996 and i am offically not under18 anymore. HEHE .  I live somewhere in Johor and recently i am Selangorian as i further my study there. I am the big sister of 2brother and 1sister, and i have an older brother. I am a tall girl and always be tallest in my class or everywhere.Yeayh i know, you are jelous of my height, HAHA . but i am grateful of what i am. Allah is the great creater and always be the only one . :)

My Personality? Well, nothing much to say. I am just a simple lady who really want to improve herself everyday and learn something everyday in everything i do. Hopefully :) . I am not really pretty but i can only say that i am catogorised as a pretty lady as well. HEHE., words are also said to be a Doa' . I am a clumsy girl and always panicked on something,eventhough its not a big deal.

I am a student of Diploma Seni Bina in Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah, Sabak Bernam Selangor. As an architecture student, i am proud to said that, In Sha Allah i will be the next architect in Malaysia, Wait for me ya'lls. Those who also take the course, please do a flavour to contact me. We have a lot to share :D

What i love the most is listening to a good song. Songs that very soft and harmony sometimes give a pleasure feeling, its like a peaceful moment.Also, i am fan of Korean Drama / English Movies. Everything about love story, i am that girl. Especially the movies that have a good trailer and soundtrack. Could you recomend me that kind of good movies. Looking forward to that.

Well, that's it about myself. Nothing much . Simple is just my style :D



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